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| Home Comforts & Savvy Bargains | 08/06/17 |


How are we all holding up today? I hope you're all feeling great and that your week has been successful. I am currently feeling pretty tired from exercising today, lol ye I have exercised. I am not one to exercise at all really, and I manage to eat so much processed crap without ballooning which I know seems bizarre. But as much as I love the easy lifestyle a high(ish)-metabolism creates, I feel like I need to start being a bit kinder to my body, so I've been working out recently in the hope my body will be thankful that I'm making a concerted effort to look after it. Anyway, in the essence of kindness, I've got a little bit of a charity themed post for ya'll today so please, grab a cuppa tea and enjoy this read. *grabs cuppa*

Jeans: ASOS
Earrings: ASOS
Trainers: Adidas

First and foremost, I must say I am digging this outfit. It's so me! Despite the fact this cardigan is super chunky and I will predominantly be wearing this over the winter months - something to look forward to - I have got to say, I think its great and the thickness is definitely not going to prevent me from wearing it at any opportunity. I'm especially loving the way it compliments my washed denim jeans as I think this colour combination works really well together. Also, as I am not a huge wearer of small, cropped tops, by adding this chunky knit I instantly feel a lot more confident about pulling off a cropped top because it leaves less flesh exposed. I am not typically someone who feels empowered by wearing very little, I am definitely more of a layering kinda gal. Comfort is so important to me when ensuring I feel great in an outfit, and I find being heavily exposed does not boost my confidence in any way. So this is knit is a great layering piece to add a bit of spice to a basic outfit!

Why do I look utterly concerned lmao

Charity shops. I suppose in a way, charity shops have a strange kind of stigma attached to them. Walking into a charity shop on the high street makes you feel as though you're super old, or super stingy. I don't really know to be honest, but there's something about charity shops that appears really off-putting and sort of daunting, particularly if you walk in alone. But in actual fact, we shouldn't fear the almighty charity shops, because they're great. Firstly, they're raising money that's going to incredible causes, and in the process, we are receiving recycled clothing for an inexpensive price - win win! Recycled clothing is awesome as in a society such as ours, we throw far too much away, so the opportunity to reuse and re-home a garment is essentially a good deed. To make this situ even better, we are giving money to charity, and receiving something back for ourselves...COULD IT GET BETTER? Yes. Yes it can. Not only do we get a cool piece of clothing with a bit of history, we also get it at a great price...£1 for this cardigan...ONE GREAT BRITISH POUND, HELL YEAH!

I hope this has been worthwhile of your time, and I'd love if next time you walk past a charity shop, you take a step inside and have a rummage. Who knows what hidden gems you might find.


'He kissed her cheek and then she knew that you could become homesick for people too.' Beau Taplin/ Homesick 

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